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Bridge Project Update

Over the past months there has been a burst of interest in the creation of a pedestrian/biking bridge across the Lehigh River. Inspired by the development of walking, biking and running paths now underway in our city, a pedestrian biking bridge can serve a whole range of purposes for the City of Bethlehem. Connecting our two downtowns to the greenway, joining Lehigh University and Moravian College and establishing a crucial link in a contemporary "walking city," are only a few of the vital services such a bridge could perform.

After a series of preparatory meetings in the spring and summer months, we moved into the first phase of making such a bridge possible on our October 5th meeting at the IceHouse. Lead by Princeton consulting firm, Neighbor's Inc, the club, with its partnering organization. South Side Initiative of Lehigh University, invites the community to engage in a visioning session for the bridge.

Four more meetings on various aspects of the bridge will follow in quick succession during the Fall months as we create a "bridge package" that describes the kind of bridge we want, how we want it to be used, and how we might fund it.

You may address your interest in the pedestrian/biking bridge project by writing to Doug Roysdon at, or by visiting our pedestrian bridge Facebook site.

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