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Meeting Agenda

This MONDAY APRIL 18 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. :

Lehigh Valley Sierra Club meeting

Sixth floor, Fowler Family Southside Center, Northampton Community College, 3rd & Buchanan Streets, Bethlehem

(park in lot on south side of 3rd Street), in ROOM 638 (exit elevator to your left, go down the hall to the room on your right).

We will discuss our Spring activities:

— our upcoming community discussion of Lead and Our Children at the Bethlehem Ice House

— April 30 South Bethlehem tree planting

— May 7 South Bethlehem Children’s Festival

— June 4-5 Step Outdoors Festival

— our ongoing community effort toward a pedestrian/bike bridge over the Lehigh River in Bethlehem

— our conservation projects at Lausanne Tunnel, Parryville Dam, and Lehigh River Canal

— regional environmental challenges

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